EO: Evolving Objects, a evolutionary C++ library

ParticipantsPierre ColletOlga RoudenkoMarc Schoenauer.

EO (Evolving Objects) is an evolutionary C++ freeware (and distributed via the Source Forge server). Launched at Granada university, EO is now supported by the European Network of Excellence EVONET. Marc Schoenauer is one of the main developers of this library.

The two main original points of EO in comparison to other similar libraries is the independence with respect to the common paradigm (such as genetic algorithms, evolution strategies or genetic programming) and its complete independence between the search space (the objects to be evolved) and the evolutionary engine. EO allows to use various data structure as search space (genotypes): basic types (bit strings, real parameter, GP trees), as well as complex ones. The evolutionary engine of EO provides all common evolutionary schemes, plus experimental ones.

The EASEA language and its graphical interface GUIDE give access in an intuitive way to a large variety of evolutionary engines, including several multi-objective engines. Parallelization primitives are also available (master-slave and island models), thanks to a collaboration with the Lille university.



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