Brainstorming and report

A week after the brainstorming discussion, I was exhausted for the report writing. It resumed the important points for the last problematic of my project. It allows to give the main evidences for the proposed solutions. It also kept understanding between us (my two advisors and me). It’s been done on last Friday. Here is a cup of ideas arisen after this meeting.

“All roads lead to Rome”

Because of a mount of methods in the literature, it is so hard to establish an agreement between us. But, don’t be torn! I encouraged myself!  Instead of fighting directly to some arguments of the advisors, I had tried to orient to other points that eventually we will be agree on. The importance is the focused goal. Because, depending on the different point of views, they perhaps interpret the same problem differently to us. Even sometimes, I think taking a painkiller for the headache caused by this kind of meeting. But, calm down, everything’s gonna be alright! Let’s show how you understand yours advisors’s ideas. And compare your solutions to theirs by drawing the path from each solution to fixed goal. All roads lead to Rome! But when we have a map, we can choose an optimized road.

“Be silent to listen more clearly”

I have two advisors. They have practically the same research interests. The comprehension arrives more quickly between them than with me. So, usually, they discuss first and then ask me for my comments on their topics. The interesting remark is that let’s them continue naturally and try to note their thinking stream on a paper. This allows to project exactly what they want. And sometimes, you can avoid the conflict with them. These informations will be helpful for report writing after.

(Certainly, this remark is applicable in the context of more than two advisors)


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