How to use free online storage

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There are a cup of ways to benefit the free disk spaces in the Internet.

The simplest way is to register a free account on the free online storage services (Dropbox, Mediafire, Rapidshare…):

  • Pros: easy-to-use, easy-to-share
  • Cons: not-easy-to-update

This stuff focuses on the usage of free SVN server to deal with this disadvantage.

In order to use a SVN server, we must learn how to use a SVN client:

  1. Download one of SVN clients compatibles with your OS (Windows, Linux, Mac..) . I prefer here TortoiseSVN
  2. Here is a tutorial: Installing and using TortoiseSVN

Note that in order to use a SVN client we must have a SVN URL. How to get a free SVN URL is the key point of this stuff. It is easy. Check out this article: 10 Free SVN & Project Hosting Services. I prefer Google and SourceForge:

  1. Register a Google/SF account
  2. Create a new project
  3. Go to Source section to get URL of project. Example with Google:[your-project-name]/source/checkout

This shows:
# Project members authenticate over HTTPS to allow committing changes.
svn checkout https://[your-project-name] [your-project-name] --username [your-email]

https://[your-project-name] is SVN URL.

Once this is done. You can launch your SVN client and check-out your resources with SVN URL.

See also:  TortoiseSVN instructions for SourceForge



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