Oliver Twist (New Age)

What can we do if we aren’t in control of our life?

I had been teaching at my instructor’s university. He encouraged me: “OT, go ahead! With your actual ability you can get it and transform it to remarkable things”. Yeah, with a little bit of experiences of a young graduate student, I love his compliment as head of department and his well-salary fellowship. I agreed and we worked together for 1 years. I was determined to be my own boss. But I had not been in control of my life at the time. He has been a well-known prof in the domain. When he said “Yes” on a method, immediately with amount of strong and also weak evidences attached. So amazing at the beginning, I was persuaded completely and also said “Yes”. But the problems came from these “Yes”. An enormous goal was fixed! How to achieve it with the determined time?

Be more careful in the next time about the encouragement with suggests. How many skills are there in your reserve? Limit them as much as possible in the not really necessary cases. It is always better if your experiential trends is growth proportionally to time. It is not recommended to keep your progress stably. Let your bosses control you with an acceptable level. That is the art of controlling others by controlling ourselves.

(Adapted spiritually from Oliver Twist Charles Dicken)


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