10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions Enhance Your Google Plus Experience

If you are a long time Chrome users, probably you have ever had much great experience with this innovative browser thanks to its extension. Following Firefox, the Google ‘s browser has brought a number of new idea features to users. Each time you install new plug-in (extension or add-on), your browser will be integrated a new function.

Google Plus extension

In the era of new social network, the Google + or Google Plus, taking advantage of Chrome ‘extension, you are easily able to widen Google + features and experience. Here in the the first list, I will introduce you 7 must-have Chrome extension for Google + users.

1. Put a Google Plus – inspired theme on Chrome

Not only does enhance features, Chrome ‘s extension also offers various fresh interfaces for this browser. In case you are a crazy Chrome ‘s fan, you could turn Chrome into a new theme with inspiration from Google Plus. Here are some Google + inspired themes for Chrome browser.

Although at the moment, there are total few Plus theme on Chrome Web Store, I strongly believe that it will be added more in the short coming time. One of them, I found a theme named Google+ Theme, inspired by Google Plus™. There are total 1,684 users have already installed it, including me. Take a look, your Chrome will be similar like below, with a decisive black color and a big three circles on the right corner.

Google Plus theme for Chrome

You can install this theme here.

2. -1 Minus One: add Google – (Dislike button).

Facebook has Like button, Google Plus responds with + one. When you taking part in Google Plus social network, you can hit + button to show your favor or interesting. However, as Facebook does not have Dislike button, Google does not provide a – button. So you can not reveal your emotion in case you are uninteresting some status, photos or links your circles have shared.

Perhaps Google will rolled out newer feature when it officially open up its services but now you can “tweak” it by a small tip. By installing the tiny extension named -1 Minus One on Chrome (link here), you can easy add a dislike (or – point) feeling. Take a look like the image below:

dislike button Google Plus

Google will count Google + as a metric to rank your blog ‘ content

3. Update, follow your Facebook inside Google +

No longer worry about Facebook ‘activities, you can “embed” your old social network ‘s data into the new one. A handy extension on Chrome will bridge the grab between the two.

Facebook + extension on Chrome

Called Facebook +, this extension will display the Facebook news feed as a Google+ stream, so you will not miss any update from your friend on Facebook. This idea is so perfect, particularly for those who can not instantly leave Facebook. Download it here.

4. reddi+ Orangered: Add a Mail Notification icon a long with default Google Plus Notification

In my opinion, the notification on the Google Plus and working across Google ecosystem is really a evolution, at least it can caught up Facebook to becomes a true social network, unlike Wave or Buzz. This red point works seamlessly no matter where you are as long as you are working inside Google with its products.

Google Plus notification

However, how do you think about an implement? If not, let see the Reddi + Orangered idea and the guy behinds it. Bacontech, the author of this extension probably came up with a very smart idea indeed. He has just released an extension that place notification count to the left of the default icon on Google + that shows you have many email left you have not read. I think, Google should plan a same feature in the official Google + version. Download ithere.

5. + Photo Zoom: View your photo in big display instantly

Do you like the sharing feature on Google + ? One of the prominently improved feature on Google + is instant photo sharing. I feel no hassle anymore each time I try to upload some photos on Google Plus.

Photo Zoom Google Plus extension

However, it is likely that the search giant has to gradually improve its social network. I feel it is quite frustrated to zoom in a photo published by my friend or me. To improve the display photo function on Google Plus, I recommend you install + Photo Zoom extension on Chrome. This is one of the hottest Chrome extension for Google Plus with total 10,743 users. After installation it, you then can easily zoom photos and profile pics from your Google Plus Stream. Download it here.

6. Google+ Notification Checker

Unlike Google, currently you have to access Google + to see how many notification left you have not read. Remember back you can see visually how many unread email on Chrome task bar, instead of having to login the email.

Google + notification

If you want to get this feature on Google +, there is no reason to prevent you from install Google+ Notification Checker extension. This useful will display all unread notification in Google +, so you can quickly have an overview of your social network account. Download it here.

There is a same (might be more popular) function extension named Surplus. You can take a look here.

7. Helper for Google+: Tweet Your Google + Stream

In case you often want to share the Google + stream on Twitter, you should install this extension. Called Helper for Google, it is really a helper for those you have a regular connection between Google + and Twitter.

Tweet and Translate Google Plus

Besides that, this extension also allows you to translate the Plus data into any new language providing by Google Translate technology. I think it is quite helpful indeed! Install it here.

8. Google Plus Lite: Using Lite Version, Why Not?

This is a quite strange idea. By installing this extension, you can turn the default Google Plus version into a new one: smaller and might be easier to use.

Google Plus Lite

However, in fact, this extension will turn the official interface into a mobile one. Perhaps, it will be useless if Google releases a mobile Plus version in the coming time. Download ithere.

9. Google Plus Extension

Needless to say, this extension is a must-have for Chrome users. There are total 43,175 users who have already installed it.

After you get it, your Chrome will add a hot icon on the blank windows each tiem you open a new tab or windows on this browser. It will obviously help you access this social network more quickly. Install it here.

10. Share+ Social Buttons

Share+ will add a context-link icon below your Google+ post in order to share your post to some well-known social platforms. Install it here.

(Source: http://starblogger.net/9-must-have-chrome-extensions-enhance-your-google-plus-experience.html)


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