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Career Planning – BiggerBrains – Elsevier

After finishing your PhD, it may be challenging to decide which career path to follow. Industry or Academia?

See the tools and resources that Zhang Ru to build his career.

This forum was inspired by the booklet Charting a Course for a Successful Research Career for early career researchers. It discusses some of the milestones outlined in the career planning booklet by Prof. Alan Johnson, and some of the tools necessary to build a strong foundation for a mentor/mentee partnership.

In this video interview, Prof. Boccaccini talks about the importance of not only being passionate about the topic of your Ph.D., and wanting to make a contribution, but also to choose a supervisor that can help you with your career and your network.

The title of this video may seem a little daunting. Before you set sail on your research journey, however, you should know how the wind blows. If you know what’s waiting for you over the horizon, you can prepare for it. Before it happens.

In this four-part video about life as a researcher, Prof. Mummery reveals her insights into how she maintains a healthy work-life balance as a scientist and mother of three.

With as many potential pitfalls as there are opportunities, getting an academic career facing the right direction can be a daunting challenge.