A note on “Vietnam’s IT industry languishes”

A key issue mentioned by an (unknown ?) author from ASEAN Affairs (cited by Mr. Tran Hoanh, founder@DCN) is that the Vietnamese firms have chosen *overall management solutions* from the *foreign* IT companies
  1. Vietnamese IT companies can NOT provide an OVERALL IT solutions.
  2. Vietnamese IT companies CAN provide an OVERALL IT solutions, but WORSE than foreign ones.
  3. Vietnamese IT companies CAN provide an OVERALL IT solutions, and as GOOD as even BETTER than foreign ones,  BUT Vietnamese firms do NOT believe in Vietnamese IT companies.
=> If either (1) or (2) is true, the problem is (i) the *real* competence of Vietnamese IT companies.
=> If (3) is true,  the problem is (ii) the belief of Vietnamese in Vietnamese products.


It depends on WHO WE ARE. For Vietnam case, (ii) is a BIG issue for which personally I have no real solution. But I do believe that the solution for (i) can step-by-step reach to (ii)’s one. Meaning that Vietnamese IT firms should show their real power in terms of quality of services, human resources and on the future vision.


IT stands for “Information Technology”, thereby IT technologies should be dedicated to all information-related issues, NOT to technology-related issues themselves. In Vietnam, many students learn to be IT wiz in technology but not for using IT technologies to resolve the real-world problems. That’s why the OVERALL IT systems made by Vietnamese are still a big gap of Vietnamese IT industry.

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