• President (2015-now)CONFLUENS (International Network of AUF Alumnis)
  • ITC Manager (2014-now)PIRJEF (Framework for Networks of Francophone Youth)
  • Founder (2010-now)OVSED (Open Vietnamese Scientists & Experts Directory)
  • Vice-President (2013-2015), AVSE (Association of Vietnamese Scientists & Experts)
  • President (2009-2010), AEVN (Association of Vietnamese Students in Nantes)
  • Member (2011-2013), IEEE France (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • Member (2012-2013), ISCB (International Society for Computational Biology)
  • IT&Systems Manager (2013-2014), WICE Paris (Anglophone organization in Paris)
  • Member (2011-now), BDTP (Research group on the South East Asia Sea in France)
  • Collaborator (2011-2013), SEAF (Southeast Asian Sea Research Foundation)

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