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Coding on remote server/cluster with Eclipse

You need sometimes to execute your scripts on a remote server or cluster because of its computational performance. And you ought to test or modify your codes before or after an execution. Eclipse is one of the must-have IDEs for you.


  • friendly GUI support,
  • multiple languages compiler plugins
  • cross-platform IDE
  • portable (on-the-fly running without root access for installation)
  • open source




Enable rewrite_module to use .htaccess

Your .htaccess code does not work in PHP server?

Foremost, make sure that there is no white-space before <?php and after ?>.

Still error?

1. Go to:


2. Uncomment :

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

3. Restart Apache Server:

Ctrl+R > Type "services.msc" > Find and restart "Apache"